Thursday, March 5, 2009

One thing at a time

Do you ever feel like "if I just get through this one more thing, then I'll finally be able to relax?" Yeah, so I've felt like that for oh, about 9-10 years. Most of its residency related, then I take on extra crap for research and that takes up a chunk of atime as well. Then there's moving and getting life all figured out for that. I guess getting through one thing at a time is what life is! Soooo ... the "things" in my life recently have been numerous. No surprise or I wouldn't be mentioning it, right?

I just finished a record-breaking month working in the ER. One day, we (not just me, of course) saw 106 children and the place averages 60 children a day. I'm not sure exactly what's going on because I don't think there is any particular epidemic or anything, its just been busier! I start to feel like when any pediatrician or family doctor in Indiana can't figure something out, they say "go to Riley!" Then we get the kids. Guess its great for learning but challenging as well. I of course, contracted a pretty bad cold towards the end of the month but that's not surprising. I don't think I've made it through a month there without getting sick, but am fortunately almost completely recovered now.

On top of that, I also moved out and closed on my condo at the end of last month! Things went better than I could have anticipated. I was really worried about having to have it on the market when I move to Denver in June. But now that's all done, I'm all moved into my friend, Jen's house holed up in her spare room with the majority of my belongings in the garage. She's great to live with, but honestly, I miss my own place.

Upcoming things on the horizon for me include completing my 4th and last neonatal intensive care unit rotation of residency this month (YEA!!!) and attending a medical genetics conference to present my research in Tampa at the end of the month. After that, I'll really start to think about moving out to Denver in June, planning to go to visit in April to find a place to live.

Though I may sound like I'm complaining, in all honesty, I'm not happy unless I'm busy so I guess I get what I ask for. I'm really pretty lucky and am looking forward to all the changes going on in the next few months. Hope you're all doing well and keep in touch.

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