Saturday, June 14, 2008

Floods, concert

To all the people who have asked, I appreciate your concern, but my area of Indianapolis is fine. I haven't personally experienced any flooding which is more on the south side of Indianapolis. There have, however been some patients transferred to our hospitals because there hospitals have been flooded. Actually, though I'm mostly saddened by all the flooding that's going on in Eastern Iowa and have a hard time seeing all the places I went to college and med school experiencing so much damage. Some of the pictures have been really unbelievable!

Tonight I went to see Jack Johnson, one of my favorite singers, in concert. I've seen him once before about 5 years ago and he lived up to everything I remembered. It's just a really laid back show and he sounds every bit as good in person as he does on CDs only he added in some new music and some fun improvisation. It reminded me of the concert I saw years ago with all my friends from med school and I wish they could have been there to see him again! One very cool part at the end was that he announced that all proceeds of the concert were being donated to the Red Cross because of all the flooding in Indianapolis.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


There was a severe storm with some high winds, hails, and apparently some tornadoes the other night. I was at the hospital which wasn't really affected during the storm but the next day I was trying to drive home and found this tree blocking my way home. It's amazing to me that this gi-normous tree managed to split in two and fall over where just a block away, yard signs were still in place. Fortunately, there wasn't much damage in general but I thought this was pretty impressive!
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