Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Blissful Day Off

Due to the requirements in residency, it's mandatory that we have 4 days off a month. Normally we're able to work this out and get the four days to fall on weekends but this month because of the number of residents I was working with, I had to go in pretty much every weekend. Instead, I was forced to take a day off during the week and that was today. I saved it for the end of the month and it was wonderful. I didn't do anything exciting ... just worked out, got my oil changed, and watched a movie. But when you have so few days off, it makes you really, really appreciate it. I felt like I was on vacation today! So all you people out there who work 5 days a week and have the weekend off every weekend, enjoy it for me! Maybe someday, I'll get there again ....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Toilet debacle

So, here's a word to the wise for everyone. If you're going to attempt to repair your own toilet, make sure it's not leaking and make sure the valve for shutting the water off doesn't break. Oh, and it doesn't hurt if you don't have carpet in your bathroom as well. So that's what happened this weekend. Water leaked everywhere and because some idiot (not me, it was there when I bought the place) thought it'd be a good idea to put carpet in the bathroom, the carpet wicked the water right through the wall and into my living room and hallway. Now the plumbing job only cost $50 to fix but all the equipment to dry out the wall costs significantly more. You can see above the way they had to drill into the drywall and place tubing to suck out all the water. Crazy. Well, you learn a little bit every day, right? They ripped out all the carpet in the bathroom so I'm going to be buying some ceramic tiles sometime soon and it should look a lot better after that.
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shaking your booty vs. Drawing on a booty

So I'm on call as we speak with my friend Marcie and we're just admitting a girl with some butt abscesses (i.e. pockets of infection on her butt). She's actually doing pretty well, just needs some IV antibiotics and then will go home. However Marcie and I were just lamenting that fact that instead of going out dancing on a Saturday night and shaking our booties that instead we're stuck in the hospital and are having to draw on a girl's butt or booty (Mom, that means butt) to document the spread of the infection. Sigh ...